I believe that communicating research outcomes is just as important as the research itself. To this end, I regularly participate in organizing workshops and webinars, as well as public talks, to communicate advances in computational pathology to machine learning experts, clinicians and medical staff, and the general public.

Selected Talks:

  • MIT, Boston – Guest lecturer, MIT-6.S915,Jan 2024
    “Slide Representation Learning in Computational Pathology’’

  • PariSanté Campus, Paris – Keynote speaker, AI4Health Summer School,July 2023
    “Deep Learning for Pathology Image Analysis’’

  • University of Bern, Bern – Invited by Prof. Inti Zlobek,July 2023
    “Latest trends in Computational Pathology’’

  • UC Berkeley, Berkeley – Invited by Prof. Iain Carmichael,Nov 2022
    “A Tour of Computational Pathology: Methods and Applications’’

  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston – Invited by Prof. Eliezer Van Allen, Sep 2022
    “Interpretable Deep Learning in Computational Pathology”

  • Symposium on Digital Pathology in the DACH Region, Bern – Invited by Prof. Inti Zlobek, Feb 2022
    “Graph Representation Learning in Computational Pathology”

  • Tissue Image Analytics Centre, Warwick – Invited by Prof. Nasir Rajpoot, Oct 2021
    “HistoCartography: Graph representations and models in Computational Pathology”

  • Charité University Hospital, Berlin, Oct 2021
    “Graph Representations and Models in Digital Pathology”

  • PathAI, New York, July 2021
    “Weakly-Supervised Learning for Whole-Slide-Image Segmentation”

  • Harvard Medical School, Boston – Invited by Prof. Faisal Mahmood, July 2021
    “A Graph Network Tour of Computational Pathology”

  • Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), Lausanne, May 2021
    “Computational Pathology: Building Interpretable AI at Scale”

  • Swiss Digital Pathology Consortium (SDiPath), Bern, Jan 2021
    “Graph Representation Learning & Explainability in Computational Pathology”

  • Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM), Montreal, Nov 2020
    “Deep Learning on Graphs: An Overview” [Code]

  • 10+ Internal IBM Talks, Zurich, 2019-2021
    IBM Research, IBM Watson, IBM Global Business Services


  • IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), Kolkata March 2022
    “BRIGHT: BReast tumor Image classification on Gigapixel HisTopathological images”

  • American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), San Diego Nov 2021
    “Workshop on Explainable Multimodal AI in Cancer Patient Care”

  • Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD), Lausanne April 2021
    “Building Interpretable AI for Digital Pathology” [Code]